Clipper Vac System

Your pet will be introduced to the clipping area and allowed to acclimate to the sounds and smells of the Clipper Vac, as it's being used.  Once they are comfortable the grooming will commence and due to the systems speed, be over before your pet get's anxious or bored.  Fast, quality cuts, with-out the stress.

What is a Clipper Vac System?

This system has a specifically built in system to keep blades cool so that your pet will never receive clipper 'burn' from blades.  The constant air-flow also keeps the blades cool and sharp so that they easily move through the thickest fur, reducing repeat clipping, which helps prevent repetitive motion injuries.  The vacuum system cleans as it grooms making sure that your pet is not standing in a pile of their own fur or nail clippings.

The Clipper Vac is a modern, state-of-the-art grooming system consisting of electric clippers combined with a vacuum.  It's designed to eliminate stress from pets by being quiet, gentle and fast.

How is this system used on a customer's pet?

Why do you use it, what are its benefits?