Fluff Drying makes a dog's coat appear full and fluffy, rather than drying in from top to make it sleek and lay flat. This results in the hair being lightweight and standing straight up, giving a 'puffy' look and then brush it back  into place

Fluff Drying

Using forced air and minimal brushing is healthier for your pet's fur and causes less damage.  Brushing wet hair stress the cuticle damage and sometimes breakage, fluff drying eliminates this problem by reducing the amount of brushing needed to groom your pet.

After our hydro massage bath your pet will be given a thorough fluff dry using our professional power dryer.  Brush work is minimal and always in the opposite direction that the coat grows.

Why is this method of drying superior to others?

What is a Fluff Drying?

How is this service performed?