Ear Cleaning

How is this service performed?

Dogs are prone to ear infections, especially those with long floppy ears, which is why periodic cleaning should be part of their healthy lifestyle.  Odd smells, puffy skin inside the ear or red marks are signs that your pet may have an ear infection.  Talk to your vet about the health of your pet, if you see these symptoms and call us to take care of the cleaning.

There are three important things you need to know about cleaning a dogs' ears: 1) They are sensitive, 2) Dogs don't want their ears cleaned and 3) If you don't do it right you can cause serious damage

 Inside the mobile salon we have everything we need, at hand, so that we can perform this service efficiently and safely.  We use gauze and a professional ear rinse that contains no antibiotics, steroids, alcohol or toxic materials of any kind.  We then work from the outside in, taking care to make sure nothing goes too far into your pet's ear. 

Why is it a benefit to a customer's pet?