Why is it a benefit to a customer's pet?

How is this service performed?

Pad Shaving

What is a Pad Shaving?

Carefully and professionally.  The pads and webbing in a pet's foot are sensitive and require a responsible hand to perform the job.  Once your pet is relaxed enough, we work from the bottom of the foot pad around the top, carefully splaying each pad area.

The removal of dirt, mud and various types of debris caught in the interdigital hair between the pads of a pets toes.  This is done with professional tools that are designed to remove irritants without harming the sensitive pads.

Friction that occurs from dog walking on blocked pads can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet.  Those pets with thick fur will sometimes develop mats that need to be periodically removed to prevent this issue.  Secondly, having your pet's pads cleaned and inspected will help remove potential allergens and debris from entering the pet owner's home.